Dirty Sexy Money Season 2, Episode 10: "The Organ Donor" - Recap

The final Dirty Sexy Money of the year had a lot of explaining to do after last week's "Who Shot JR?" ending. It started on a hilarious foot with Jeremy, having fallen down the stairs, (technically, Nick threw him, to get him out of the way of Chase's bullet) waking with amnesia. That's so 80's soaps.

The family was interviewed about the shooting. When asked how it would be to help Jeremy relearn everything, Letitia said it would be hard, "Jeremy wasn't the fastest learner the first time around."

Chase shot four bullets, one grazing Nick's shoulder; two missing in action, and sadly the last one was the fatal blow for the lovely Carmelita. I was really surprised that Patrick didn't seem more upset by her death. He did, however, liken her to Jackie O. after her husband's assassination, "Now she (sic) is a legend, when she would have preferred to be a woman." It was touching. It was a little creepy that Tripp was paying his respects to the weird religious icon dedicated to Carmelita. He never wanted her around, so why the sudden false compassion? I imagine it is mostly to manipulate Paddy into thinking he gives a rat's arse.

On top of Jeremy's amnesia, Chase fell into a coma after the cops shot him twice. He had a living will to take him off life support and Tripp completely agreed with it. Chase's wife showed up to nullify the will, because, according to her, a life, even lived in jail, is better than no life at all. Nick tries to persuade her otherwise. Just when she is right there with him, Chase opens his eyes and gasps a simple and normal reaction during comas. But he's still in one. Well, that is, until he's not.

In the custody battle between Lisa and Nick, what looked like it might have been a convivial breakup became a nasty fight. When Lisa learned that Karen had watched Kiki during Daddy's weekend, she went ballistic and decided that mediation was no longer an option. I thought she was pretty irrational about the whole thing. It's not like she will be able to watch Kiki 'round the clock with her new gallery. But, what fun would it be if she were nice about it? Besides, Karen was just watching Kiki to prove to Nick that she could be "just friends" with him. Yeah, like that's gonna work! They were so flirtatious when she dropped Kiki off. More like a way to get back in his good graces.

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