Recap & Review Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 4 - The Chinese Wall

I'll catch you up on the season so far. Deb Dobkins was a sweet and beautiful blonde model, in a perfect relationship with her successful boyfriend Grayson Kent, until she died in a car accident while on the phone. While in purgatory, an angel does a check to find out where she's meant to go, but an irritated Deb hijacks the 'Return' key on his computer, which returns her to Earth. There's just one little catch: she's now in the recently vacated body of an overweight, not conventionally attractive, smart brunette lawyer named Jane Bingham, who just took a bullet for her boss.

Now Deb has her memories and personality, but Jane's body and brains. The only person who knows the truth is Deb's best friend and now roommate Stacy, a slightly dumber model-actress. Moreover, her boyfriend Grayson is the newest member of Jane's law firm and she has to work with him every day without telling him who she is, and deal with a catty coworker, Kim, who's trying to charm Grayson less than a week after Deb died! Also, the angel she intercepted has been demoted to be her guardian angel, and has taken on the persona of Fred, an intern at the law firm. So far, Deb has come to a lot of realizations about how fat girls and other 'non-privileged' people are treated in society through the defense of her clients.

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