Recap & Review Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 5 - Lost & Found

Jane wakes up thrilled because today begins her and Grayson's first case together. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there. Not only does Kim get her spot on the case because she has to do pro bono work, but she also finds out it's her birthday her 32nd birthday. Not quite what the 24-year-old Deb inside her body wanted to hear.

Her pro bono case is Michael Fernandez, a man who was wrongly convicted of armed robbery and murder and imprisoned for 10 years, and Jane finds she can relate to the unexpected loss of years from his life. Instead of letting him take the government's $15000 settlement, she insists he fight for more, and ends up losing his settlement entirely.

Luckily, Jane finds that the new evidence that recently freed Michael, a videotaped confession by the real killer before he was put to death, was given five years earlier and not acted on until now. Not only that, but an original eyewitness account that claims the robber grabbed soda and candy on the way out also goes against Michael as the culprit, since he's a diabetic. Jane is able to prove prosecutorial negligence, and that the conviction was forced because of an election year.

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