The Girls Next Door: Bridget Says Kendra Wants Another Baby

There may be some who think Kendra Wilkinson is finding it difficult becoming a mom, but she actually can't wait to have another kid. One little Hank isn't enough for her, as she admitted so to her friend Bridget Marquardt.

The two friends and former stars of The Girls Next Door caught up with each other a while back, and Kendra expressed her desire to bring another Baskett to the world. Bridget Marquardt told Us Magazine about it when they spotted her at the GBK Gift Lounge in West Hollywood.

"She is thinking about having another one," the star of Bridget's Sexiest Beaches said. She added that Kendra's really happy about how things are going with her newborn Hank, but wouldn't mind if he had a sister to play with.

"She said she is hoping for a girl," Bridget Marquardt revealed. Seeing as how she's so enamored with her son these days, it wouldn't hurt to share the love to a daughter.

The 36-year-old Bridget also said that her friend and former co-star "is just so excited" about being a mother. As if we need to be reminded of that. We've already seen and heard what the Kendra celebrity has to say about Hank Baskett IV. From her spread on OK! Magazine to every little Twitter post about the baby, we believe just how much she's adjusted to motherhood.

Before we do get to see another child pop out in Wilkinson and Baskett's lives, we may have to wait a bit. We can't possibly expect Kendra to get busy in the bedroom with her husband while their son is in need of attention in the next room.

"I think she is probably thinking of waiting a little since she just had the first," Bridget told the publication.

But it looks like Kendra's not in any hurry though. She's far too absorbed in her little Hank. She posted a photo of her son on her blog recently, with the caption "OMG he's just so cute while he sleeps I couldn't help myself!!! All I want to do is sit around and look at him all day long."

That daughter's going to have to be patient.

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