Flash Forward: Who Could Possibly Be Suspect Zero?

When Flash Forward returns in March, one of the main issues it will be addressing is the identity of Suspect Zero, as creator David Goyer said. The tall, dark figure lingering in the Detroit stadium has been plaguing the minds of fans ever since he was introduced. Even Agent Benford is stumped so far.

There really isn't much to report for Flash Forward these days and we might as well do something to liven things up a bit. We have but a few clues to go on if we start off an investigation, but we will. And I do warn you, this little inquiry could merely be a futile effort in uncovering the mystery of Suspect Zero.

There have been a number of guesses regarding this, and the possibilities include Demetri Noh, Lloyd Simcoe, and even some other time-traveler we've yet to encounter. Before we get into those though, let's map out what we know about the mystery man.

Suspect Zero was discovered conscious in a Detroit baseball stadium during the global blackout. He was walking around and observing the others who had passed out, when he received a cell-phone call from the ominous D. Gibbons.

According to Janis Hawk, Zero is most likely male, and is about 5'8 and 150 pounds. On his right hand, he wears a ring that has the Greek letter alpha on it. It's possible that he's the one responsible for the missing ring in the briefcase set.

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