Recap & Review Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 8 - Crazy

It's time for Jane's 15-year high school reunion, and a gentleman named Brian Young seems pretty interested in seeing her. But first, she has to defend an eccentric client who may not be as crazy as he seems.

Brandon Tharp, CEO of a multimillion dollar lawnmower company, is fighting to keep his company from being sold by his estranged surfer son, who owns 10% of the shares.

Unfortunately, a near-death experience has made him a little kooky (for example, Mr. Tharp sheds his suit in court because it's too itchy, and wears bunny ears on the stand), and his son is arguing his insanity makes him unfit to hold the company. When Jane tells him she's inclined to agree about his competence, he reveals that he chose her as his lawyer because of her own return from flatlining, but now she's fired.

At the reunion, it turns out that the Brian who raved about prom night in her yearbook is actually gay, and prom night was when he came out to her. She gets drunk and tells him she's really a young model, but he assumes it's a joke and she plays it off. Stacy, who tagged along for support, spends the night talking Jane up to classmates who don't remember her.

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