Recap: Bounty

A bounty hunter and his partner are in a forest. The bounty hunter asks his partner if he found Richard or his comrades, and his partner replies that their tracks were too well covered and he only found a pendant. He tosses it to the side, defeated, but the bounty hunter catches it. He takes out a flier with the information on the bounty on Richard and compares the pendant to the one in the picture of Richard, and realizes it is his.

Elsewhere, several D'haran soldiers are chasing after an adolescent boy. They catch him and begin questioning him about stealing food from the army. He says he was starving. When the D'haran captain asks where the other thieves are, the boy says there are no others. The captain hits him, knocking him out, and two D'haran soldiers drag him away.

A mapmaker, Sebastian, is putting a map back on the shelf when a man walks into his shop. It's the bounty hunter from earlier. He says he needs a map, and Sebastian starts to suggest several maps, none of which the bounty hunter has any interest in. He clarifies that he needs a map to track someone. Sebastian says that he doesn't know if such a thing exists, but that if it did, it would be expensive. The bounty hunter drops a heavy bag of coins on the counter. Sebastian states that he would also need something that belonged to the person the map would be used to track, at which point the bounty hunter hands him Richard's pendant.

In a back room, Sebastian crushes up the pendant and pours in a red liquid. The mixture bubbles. He pours it into a device that presses a map onto a blank piece of parchment in a bright flash of light. He takes the map to the bounty hunter up front and shows it to him. It has a yellow light glowing on the map at the point where Richard is. As this occurs, Richard, Zedd, and Kahlan are trekking through a forest. Richard starts running after something with Kahlan right behind him. They are chasing a rabbit. Zedd shoots fire at it from behind, but accidentally obliterates it, leaving nothing but smoking ashes. This also leaves the three without dinner, as the rabbit was the only wildlife they had seen to hunt in two days. The D'haran had been over-hunting the once plentiful wildlife to feed their armies. Zedd gives Richard a hard time about an elk that got away the previous day, which Richard apparently lost his pendant (which belonged to his father) chasing.

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