Recap & Review Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 9 - The Dress

For Deb, one of the perks of waking up in Jane's body is that it carries money. She takes the morning off to buy a gotta-have dress on Rodeo Drive. Stacy, arriving before her, gets the star treatment, but when Jane comes in, she finds that the sales staff has no interest in being friendly to her and the store, PDQ, doesn't carry anything over a size 10. After causing a scene, she decides to sue.

Jane can't represent herself, so Parker tells Kim to take the case, even though she doesn't believe in it. Jane wins over the judge with an argument that the store deliberately taunts 'the average woman' by putting ads in magazines targeted toward them, and the case is allowed to be heard. Until Parker realizes the firm's biggest client owns 25% of PDQ, and orders Jane to drop the case.

In what seems to be a recurring gimmick, Jane has a dream that Paula Abdul is a (real) judge who loves her voice but trashes her outfit, and Kim wins because she's wearing *the* dress. Jane threatens to sue Parker if she can't sue PDQ, so he caves. They pull a stunt where Jane wears altered PDQ designs in court, but the designer insists his contract gives him creative freedom. They bring the firm's client in as a witness to show that cutting out the larger population is bad for business, but they still lose the case. However, the investor takes the hint and revamps PDQ anyway.

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