Amanda Schull to Reprise Her Role on 'One Tree Hill'

Just like Heroes, the dead never really stays dead on One Tree Hill. The only difference is that on Tree Hill, dead people come back in flashbacks or possibly as ghosts. OK so maybe not as ghosts but someone dead does return this season and, according to, the cast and crew's lips are zipped as to how this person will resurface.

I am of course referring to Clay's dead wife Sara, who is portrayed by Amanda Schull, the actress best known for her role in the movie Center Stage. Last time we saw Sara was in the episode "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" in which Clay struggled to deal with his mourning issues.

If you've been following One Tree Hill season 7, then you're well aware that Clay has since found love again in Quinn, Haley's sister, after being depressed for a long time. How will Sara's return affect Clay and Quinn's budding romance? Will Sara haunt Clay as a ghost or will she be featured in a flashback scene? And more importantly, why is she returning on the show?

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