'The Middle' - 'The Bee' Recap Episode 16

The Hecks went on their first road trip, as we found out something that Brick is really good at, and something that happens more often than families would like to admit. I've had my birthday forgotten more than once by my busy family, and it made me feel about as small as Sue did.

However, I was never given the level of power Frankie gave her over the family trip to Chicago. Guilt is certainly a powerful agent in making potentially poor decisions.

As for Brick, it shouldn't come as a real surprise that he's a great speller. With his nose constantly in books his parents probably couldn't even read, how could he not be?

Failing to tell his parents about winning the school spelling bee was something I can definitely relate to. My fifth grade son fails to tell us things all the time, including that he recently tried out for and got a part in the upcoming play. They have these whole lives at school that we know very little about. Usually they forget to tell us about projects that are due, or papers we need to sign and send back, but it does happen that they forget the good stuff, too.

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