Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 2 - All's Fair

It is morning in beautiful San Francisco and Nancy Carnahan has an unpleasant surprise waiting for her at work: novice EMT, Glenn Morrison, is prepping their rig. Nancy asks Captain Basra why Glenn continues to be her EMT and to Nancy's dismay, she realizes Glenn is now her new partner. On top of that, there is a running bet among the trauma teams that it will only take 17 days for Nancy to sleep with Glenn. Basra already lost the bet, he guessed three days.

Elizabeth, a mother of a small child, is on the phone with her husband and pleads with him to come home. Out in the yard, Scooter, a family friend and pothead, is sloppily feeding branches into a wood chipper. Scooter sticks his head in the wood chipper to release a stuck branch and a piece of wood goes flying through the window, hitting Elizabeth in the head, causing her to trip and smack her face on the counter. Elizabeth is then knocked unconscious.

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