'The New Adventures of Old Christine' - 'Sweet Charity' Recap Season 5, Episode 15

As much as I don't want to compare Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new show to her old one, I can't help but notice some similarities with this week's installment. Much of what made 'Seinfeld' work was in the way people outside of that core four reacted to just how deplorable those people really were. When we were in that inner circle with them, it all sort of worked and we didn't really realize how bad they were.

Now, Christine Cambpell is far more obviously a terrible person than Elaine Benes, but as with 'Seinfeld,' we often don't realize just how horrible she is. Even moreso, when put in the context of Christine, Richard and Matthew, Barb often comes across as the only sane and rational one. And yet, when you put these people out and on display in front of so-called normal people, they simply look awful.

Ultimately, though, it's not even the question of what to do with the $2,000 Barb and Christine surprisingly made in profit at the gym that was their moral conundrum. It was how they handled themselves throughout the episode as they struggled with the decision. Really, it was mostly Christine struggling with her guilt over not being seen as a good person, and the $2000 designer dress she really wanted.

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