'Modern Family' - 'Fears' Recap Episode 16

What are you afraid of? That was the question facing the three families that make up this exceptional comedy series. Whether it's a fear of roller coasters, tight places, passing your driver's test, getting asked to dance, or that your daughter isn't connecting to you, it's how we deal with our fears that defines us as people.

'Modern Family' actually surpassed itself in one regard this week. In 16 episodes, most of which were fantastic, this was the first one to choke out a genuine emotional response from me. Phil's closing monologue was touching, and touched on another fear that all parents face: the fear of your children growing up too fast. That, and the fear that they're going to kill someone in your car.

Sarah Hyland is really starting to come into her own in the role of Haley. She's been relegated mostly to stereotypical teenage behavior through most of the series run, but we got to see some of her own personality shine during her driving test, and she has great comic timing. The expressiveness of her big eyes reminds me a lot of Mila Kunis' performance on 'That '70s Show.' I guess when you're working with writing this great, and a cast as talented as this one, you can't help but up your own game.

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