Episode Recap: "Unfinished Business"

What a relief it was to get through an episode this season without a dinner-table meltdown. But that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of drama. Just as the house Nora bought was crumbling down around her (and the Walkers she recruited for do-it-yourself demolition), the characters were each caught in their own unique messes. Rebecca was given a job she didn't deserve at Walker Landing (thanks to her CEO mom), Robert couldn't decide if he trusted the second-guessing birth mother more than trying surrogacy, Sarah was trying to get enough money to launch Greenatopia (and pay Kyle and Ethan's rent) without selling out her partners and, of course, Nora was trying to keep collapsing ceilings from falling on her head. How did it all work out? Let's find out!

Nora lures Kevin, Scotty, Saul and Justin into "touring" the house for her new center, all as part of a ploy to get them to help her knock down a few walls. (Hey, who needs to spend $60,000 when you've got family?) Despite the warnings (water damage, crumbling) and whining (Kevin didn't want to spend his day off in the "Roach Motel"), Nora presses on in hopes of achieving her Ojai, her life's dream, and a new family destiny. 'Nuff said, and the work begins.

Meanwhile, Sarah is cleaning her kitchen-turned-conference-room in preparation for Greenatopia's first (and only) meeting with a potential investor. Ethan and Kyle are running around nervously, reminding me more of Sarah's kids rather than business partners. Sarah is stunned, however, to learn that the investor she is meeting with is Graham Finch, last season's love interest. Oh yeah, and the guy who nearly killed Ojai. Even so, he's back with $1 million to burn, but he's really just after Sarah. After he makes her the offer (at dinner, no less) he also offers himself to her again by way of a kiss. Although she accepts that kiss, she's a little more hesitant about the deal. Despite loving the salary and benefits it would bring her, she is worried that Kyle and Ethan won't want to give up running the company for a token title and big payday. Even so, she pitches the idea to them, but the response is as she feared. So she takes out her frustration on one of Nora's walls in the new house. Isn't that "constructive"?

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