Review: Caprica - Rebirth Episode 2

In one scene in the second episode of Caprica, Amanda Graystone holds a book that belonged to her daughter, called The Physics of Religion and Spirituality. The fact that she's holding it at a memorial for the victims of a terrorist attack, while mourning her daughter, Zoe, is more than a little ironic.

We'll start with the fact that the book was given to Amanda by the mother of Zoe's boyfriend Ben, who strapped explosives to his chest and blew up the train in the name of one true god, killing Zoe and many others. When Amanda finds a religious symbol amongst the book and some photos, she is convinced that Zoe was part of the plot to bomb the train (she wasn't, although she shared some of the religious views that led to it).

The second, and weightier, reason for the irony is that Zoe isn't necessarily dead, and it's her study of physics and technology that saved her, or at least a mix of her real self, her avatar from a virtual world inhabited by her and many of her fellow teenagers (accessible through a holoband, one of her father's creations), and a robot soldier body (which her father also created).

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