Recap: "Just a Sliver"

As most of the Walker clan gets ready to celebrate its first non-Nora Thanksgiving (awesome timing, ABC!), one family member's tragic emergency manages to keep the family together. To remedy the situation, the Walkers must learn the identity of Elizabeth's biological father. While it all sounds a little gloomy, I have to say this episode had a lot of comedy, and more importantly, a lot of heart, easily making it my favorite of the season so far. So how did this un-Thanksgiving turn out? Let's dig in!

As I said, this episode had plenty of funny moments, and luckily the show packed the first 10 minutes with most of it, before the tragedy began creeping in. The episode opened with yet another brilliant Walker family tree call, stemming from Kevin and Kitty's discovery that both had planned to go along with their husbands' plans for Thanksgiving instead of making the usual trek to Nora's. They call Justin, who is spending the day with Rebecca and Holly ("husbands trump boyfriends") and then Tommy (who is preparing to visit Julia's mother), realizing they all decided to ditch Nora the same year... and that none of them have told Nora yet. Luckily, they have Sarah to be the "buffer" since she is the only one who will be around (even Saul is away visiting his and Nora's mother). She's none too happy about it (evidenced by the food war she starts), but since her kids are with Joe, she's pretty much out of options.

But the fun and games slows down when Julia and Tommy have to rush Elizabeth to the ER after she vomits blood and loses her color. The news gets worse at the hospital, as they learn that Elizabeth is suffering from liver damage, perhaps because of the drugs the doctors administered when she was born premature. The doctor tells Julia and Tommy that they will both need to be tested as possible liver donors should the tests reveal the need for a transplant. One problem: Tommy isn't Elizabeth's biological father. So Tommy calls his two brothers (even Kevin, with whom he still isn't comfortable being around) to inform them that they might be needed to save Elizabeth. Only then do the consequences sink in: The family will now know who the real father is, something they had hoped to overlook.

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