Recap: "It's Not Easy Being Green"

In this episode - which sadly featured no Kermit the Frog references to go along with the title - several of the Walker ladies were dealing with sex issues (with men and for Sarah, with a daughter). Plus, Sarah's issues are complicated by her final attempt to secure financing for Greenatopia, Meanwhile, Kevin tries to keep it together while quail hunting with Republican bigwigs to help Robert's (secret) bid for governor, Justin makes a new friend at NA, and three post-party walk of shames are far from what they should (or could) have been.

Let's start, as the episode did, in the elevator with Nora, Sarah and Rebecca. Each looks disheveled and disoriented from the prior evening's activities, which the episode then begins to explore. But before we get to that, a few words on Kevin's hunting trip. He has to play the part he used to assume during his dad's hunting trips: fitting in though he is miserable. Surprisingly, Kevin is the best shooter in the field, but when Robert's friends take their liberal insults a little too far, Kevin snaps, telling them off and angering Robert (not to mention hurting his chances to earn their support for the governor's seat, which he already doesn't have, we learn). Kevin makes good at dinner, apologizing and using Robert's patience with him as a sign of his loyalty to those who support him. He does the trick in winning them over, as Robert tells Kevin he has their support. Now he only has to come clean with Kitty...

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