Stargate Universe 1.13 "Faith" Recap

Ok, I might be the only person who was conflicted by last night's SGU episode, "Faith". Conflicted in a sense of 1) trying to figure out why the people were drawn to this planet, 2) why the mystery of the obelisk wasn't solved, and 3) how many people actually stayed behind to basically die a lonely death. I am getting ahead of myself, but is there anyone else out there who understands my incertitude, please let me know?

Destiny, We Have A Problem…

While Scott, TJ and Camile lament about daily life on the Destiny, Rush has Brody and Park work on repairing the damaged shuttle. Young and Rush discuss repairing the morale of the survivors on the Destiny, when the ship drops out of FTL into what seems to be empty space, according to the ship's readings and the fact that the Stargate doesn't begin the dialing sequence . But there is a star in the middle of the area and according to Rush, it's not on the Destiny's star charts, therefore it's not supposed to be there. Dun, Dun, DUN!!!!

While everyone gossips about the "glitch" in the Destiny's systems, Scott acts cold towards Chloe, but wonders why TJ looks… sick. Stick with one female, Scott, and not attempt to screw the entire ship.

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