'Lost' Recap: There's a Giant Lighthouse on the Island?

Previously on Lost: Sayid was claimed, Sawyer became the new Jacob, Claire gunned down an Other, and the Temple was the only place safe from Flocke.

FYI to new readers, Flocke refers to Fake Locke (Jacob's Nemesis, the Smoke Monster, etc). It has nothing to do with Bagels and Flox, a new breakfast joint I'm opening featuring the best faux salmon around.

Jack in the Altverse

Jack's altverse adventure begins by taking off his shirt so we can all admire his wax job and the appendectomy scar he shouldn't have since it wasn't taken out until he went to the Island. A phone call with his mom reveals he had his appendix out when he was 7, meaning the bomb detonating on the Island must have affected Jack's basic physiology.

Before Jack can help his mom find his dead dad's will, he has to pick up a kid named David from school. A kid who happens to be Jack's son! Wait, I think I meant for that exclamation point to be a giant question mark.

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