True Blood Season 2, Episode 11: "Frenzy" - Recap

Queen Sophie-Anne has some advice for Bill about dealing with a maenad. Hoyt and Jessica have their first fight. Lafayette and Sookie try to protect Tara from Maryann. Sam, Jason and Andy form an unlikely alliance to protect Bon Temps, which includes an assist from an even more unlikely accomplice.


Queen Sophie-Anne of Louisiana (Evan Rachel Wood) is feasting, quite provocatively, at the femoral artery of a pretty young thing. This is a clever way for Alan Ball to tell us that she's same sex-oriented. "Is this a bad time?" Bill asks. "There's no such thing as bad - or time, for that matter," she answers flatly. I have to admit: My first reaction to Wood's portrayal of the queen was not positive. Wood is an actress who's good at both strength and vulnerability, but haughty insouciance ("I have this Latvian boy; he has to be tasted to be believed"), thus far, is not her bag. The idea of this character, however, is intriguing, so I'll keep an open mind for now.

That said, the character is written really well, an odd combination of old-world erudition and thoroughly modern teenspeak. ("A maenad? In Bon Temps? That's random," she says.) As it turns out, the queen, lounging over her scantily clad "court" and a fierce game of Yahtzee in her new "day room," has some ideas about how to stop a maenad, but her advice is totes confusing.


Interestingly, Maxine, in her blissed-out, Maryann-induced stupor, rather enjoys Jessica's attack by fang. Hoyt, on the other hand, is not nearly as amused by it. But, Jessica protests, she said all those mean things about you! "She's my momma; she gets to," he says. Ain't that the truth, H-Bomb! Hoyt storms off, which leaves Jessica alone to have a tantrum of equal parts blood-curdling screams and, well, blood, coming out of her tear ducts. Poor Jessie!

Back at Casa Fortenberry, Hoyt might be regretting taking his momma's side in the argument. Maryann's pull is like a truth serum to Maxine. She confesses that she sacrificed her own pleasure to raise her son up right. She also, quite cruelly, tells Hoyt that his father was a secret drinker and possibly a closet homosexual - because he liked to dance. Oh, also: He wasn't killed by a burglar; he committed suicide. She just lied to get the life insurance money. Ouch.

Also: Anyone else think Maxine is much more important to Maryann's plan that we might have previously thought? Listen to her dialogue in this scene again; I think she gives something away.

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Sep 3, 2009 10:10PM EDT

Wow maxgt nice article, surprisingly I was thinking the exact same thing! Its not that I felt that Evan Rachel Wood did an absolutely horrible job it just that I didnt believe her "haughty insouciance" as it was so elegantly called. Once again the writing was superb; how she mixed old style of speech with new but I just wasnt 100 percent pleased (it was still good and she was sexy as hell) with the way she performed it. It just feels like she didnt absorb the character fully and that she was disconnected from her performance. Maybe if she would of put on a slightly naughty (not too much), im the shite attitude to her facial expressions and added a more airy, indifferent tone to her voice while she was speaking as if she was extremely annoyed with the maenad and just problems and life in general. I would have especially loved it if she had this tone to her voice when she uttered the line. "There's no such thing as bad - or time, for that matter".
In the article they did make a small mistake tho saying that Miss Jeannette was a fake when in reality she WAS NOT A FAKE! She really did have supernatural powers which is why Mary-Ann was attracted to her exorcism and DID eat her heart. Mary-Ann only eats the hearts of supernatural beings but Mary-Ann considered a Miss Jeannette a fake because she wasnt the being Mary-Ann was looking for she wasnt "the vessel through which the god that comes will come". They werent going to come out and say that yes she could perform exorcisms. You just had to read into that yourself :P

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