LOST 6.05 "Lighthouse" Review

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"Lighthouse" was the first episode of LOST's sixth season that posed more questions than answers. I'm totally cool with that (it is a mystery show, after all), but some of the facts not revealed felt like they could have been, and even felt deliberately left unanswered. Case in point: who is number 108? That's who Jacob wanted Hurley to turn the lighthouse mirrors to, before Jack decided to destroy them. I mean, even if Jack was in his own emotional state, don't you think Hurley would have at least taken a look at the giant wheel of names to find out who Jacob wanted to bring to the Island?

Make no mistake, despite the lack of reveals in this episode, it was still very solid. We saw a bit more of what was afflicting Claire, and we also took a glimpse at Jack's reset timeline, in which he had a son (probably with Sarah). The son, David, was afraid of Jack for the same reason that Jack was afraid of Christian: he didn't want his father to see him fail. It was one of the most moving off-Island storylines ever, definitely on par with first season flashbacks.

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