'Modern Family' Episode 17 - 'Truth Be Told' Recap

Dammit! Wives are more right than we'd like to admit, aren't they, guys? I was convinced Claire was completely overreacting to Phil's Faceook communications with his ex-girlfriend. My wife and I both have several people from our pasts that we talk to online, and it is completely innocent.

If anything, perhaps the events of this episode could be criticized by saying that they are promoting negative sexual stigmas attached to social networking sites. While the sites do have their dangers, they're certainly not worthy of fear-mongering.

But I'm not going to jump on that soap box. Instead, I'm going to say that this episode was absolutely brilliant. Everything from Flyza Minelli to "A little bit louder" was pitch perfect comedy. I laughed out loud more at this episode than I do entire seasons of most comedy series.

In the middle of all the laughter, we also got a major change in the status quo of these characters for the first time. I'm not sure if they're going to keep things this way, but Mitchell finally standing up to his boss and walking out on the job is a huge thing for the character, and for their entire household. I trust the writers to be able to keep the show great while following this life change.

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