Smallville: "Absolute Justice" Review Season 8, Episode 11

For a show that realistically should have ended seasons ago, Smallville continues to surprise the hell out of me. "Absolute Justice" brings various members of the Justice Society of America to life on the small screen and it does it brilliantly. Accomplished writer Geoff Johns outdoes himself with a story that pays homage to the early days of some of DC's finest and successfully manages to merge that with a show which has finally hit its stride nine seasons in. There was always the danger of this story's reach exceeding its grasp but credit needs to be given to the entire production staff for pulling off a convincing story on those cheap exterior sets (yes, they really are terrible) and a tight budget.

Going into "Absolute Justice" most of us had already seen the costume design work done for the Justice Society. These costumes remained faithful to their comic book counterparts but some fans remained skeptical about how they would look in motion. I was among the skeptics. Once I saw Doctor Fate's (Brent Stait) transformation however, my fears were alleviated. The gold helmet contrasted by the dark blue of the costume looked fantastic in HD. Doctor Fate was brought to life on the small screen and looked brilliant. The glow emanating from his eyes was a nice added touch and his voice demanded respect. If they pitched a Doctor Fate series - I'd be all for it.

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