Spartacus: Blood and Sand: "Legends" Review Episode 3

Spartacus' frustrations continue to get the best of him during his gladiatorial training this week. He's impatient, impulsive and a bad seed in Doctore's group. So when the match card for the new festival of games is released it's no surprise that Spartacus is jobbing to his good (and only) friend Varrus. All this does is fuel Spartacus' frustration forcing him to take drastic measures.

What I'm really starting to like about Spartacus is that he's not necessarily the smartest man in the room. He's blinded by his anger and desperate to be with his wife once more, but right now he's making a lot of mistakes. Doctore tries to warn him time and time again but Spartacus will have none of it and doesn't see himself as belonging to this rabble of morons. Spartacus is essentially a stubborn bastard who refuses to admit defeat and absolutely will not give into Doctore's teachings.

"Legends" goes to great strides to break Spartacus once again after his victory last week over Crixus which gained him a spot in Batiatus' ludus. I love that the ultimate lesson Spartacus learns in this episode is simply - When in Rome, do as the Romans do. He has to learn to play by their rules if he ever hopes to see his wife again. It's not an easily learned lesson for Spartacus but it's sure as hell entertaining to watch him go through a lot of pain to learn it.

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