Recap - Modern Family 1.17 "Truth Be Told"

"Truth Be Told" opens with the Dunphy clan in their kitchen and Claire running through the family's schedule for the day. Alex has a cello lesson at 11:00, and Junior Congress at 2:00. "Doesn't she also have 'No Boys at Forever?'" Haley inquires. "Don't you have an eating disorder you need to attend to?" Alex replies. Phil notes that his plans are to meet his ex-girlfriend Denise (played by Judy Greer), who is in town selling cosmetics. Haley thinks her dad dating a woman is gross. "Thanks," Claire says with an I'm-still-in-the-room tone. "Oh yeah, I had plenty of fun in my time. Then I met your Mom!" Phil tells his kids. "And thank you," a helpless Claire remarks. Alex asks her father, "So, she's like a door-to-door salesman?" "If it was you, then it would be a dork-to-dork salesman," remarks Luke. Luke!! No one can believe the zinger that came from the youngest Dunphy. "Wow," is all Claire can muster. "Let's get you to your lesson," she tells Alex. "You mean to her second lesson because she just got schoooooled," Luke taunts as he throws his hands in the air. Luke! Again!! (Check out Haley's face here behind Luke. It is absolutely hysterical!) Alex, for maybe the first time in her life, is struck speechless.

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