The Office Season 6, Episode 15: "Sabre" Review

The current season of The Office appears to be trying to drive home a message, and it is this: we all have a little bit of Michael Scott in us. All of us, or at least every character on the show, has the capacity to act like a childish, selfish, absurd, time-wasting dolt who still somehow means well in the end.

This underlying message first became apparent when Jim, the show's everyman, got his promotion and began slowly morphing into Michael's taller doppelganger. It's apparent in Pam's pregnancy, which, in addition to many other things (like Michael dating her mom) has over the course of this season unsurprisingly pushed her from one extreme emotion to the next. The latest episode, "Sabre," seems to lay that message bare for all to see, both in its hilarious portrayal of David Wallace and its introduction of the Scranton Branch's new overlords, a printer sales company named Sabre.

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