MAD MEN ''The Beautiful Girls'' Review Season 4, Episode 9

It's a business of sadists and masochists and you know which one you are. And with that, Mrs. Blakenship gives the most insightful line of MAD MEN yet. From the first scene of this week's epsiode entitled The Beautiful Girls, the viewer is quite clear as to who the sadists are and who the masochists are. We hear Don Draper speaking roughly into the phone about wanting a meeting right then. He tells the caller that he will grab lunch and barks I am hanging up now. Although intended to sound like a curt business call, it was in fact an invitation to meet Dr. Faye for lunch at his place and in his bed. What Don was not ready for on Friday, apparently sounded like a great idea come Monday. Lonely weekends will do that to you.

This episode was truly centered on the beautiful girls of Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce and the masochist in each of them. First up is Peggy who gets set up with the guy interested her at the loft party that ended early due to the cop raid. Peggy's newly found friend, Joyce, entices her to go to the bar where they have a chance meeting with Abe who admits he was going to try to find Peggy at work or at home. Peggy is flattered and things are going smoothly until Able ventures into political territory and asks Peggy how she can represent Fillmore Auto Parts when there is an active boycott due to their failure to hire African Americans. Peggy, unaware of the boycott and clearly not into politics as much as Abe, insists that the agency would never knowingly represent someone that did not accept everyone. She insists that SCDP would help companies overcome such prejudices. Abe does not believe her. When he points out the injustice in hiring for African Americans, Peggy insists that she has had similar obstacles herself. Abe pretty much laughs her off with a casual maybe we will have a civil rights parade for women. And so ended the date with Abe.

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