Parks and Recreation: "Sweetums" Review Season 2, Episode 15

Holy crap! Not only did we get the phenomenal DJ Roomba, but we got to see The Ghost of DJ Roomba! Pestering Jerry as he walked down the hallway. "I'm going to follow you and play Black Eyed Peas on a loop" the undead appliance moaned. What a fantastic episode. And what a stellar ensemble. Even Justin Theroux's Justin popped up in the opening segment. He wasn't a part of the episode at all, but it worked because his character is part of the rich and lively Parks and Recreation world. It's now a beautiful mosaic.

Man, where do I even begin? I suppose I began with Tom's awesome Roomba dance machine, but there were just many great, lush moments in "Sweetums" that I feel like I just want to blurt them all out. Like a cannon blast. Ron's park "tokens!" His heart-clogging "Turf n Turf!" The Canadian version of Deep Blue Sea with 22 extra minutes and an alternate track where LL Cool J raps all his dialogue! Ham and Mayonnaise! Andy programming DJ Roomba with some Dave Matthews and then giving a "little baybaay" Matthew-type yowl from the song "So Much to Say!" The return of the nefarious Library! It was all gold. Solid, corn-syrupy gold.

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