Burn Notice: "Noble Causes" Review Season 3, Episode 12

"Noble Causes" was a bit of a dud. It wasn't without it's moments of action, but all in all it was a bit of a re-tread. I wasn't too enthused by the Gilroy (Chris Vance) plot and the side-mission was a bit of a snoozer too. While I enjoy Chris Vance's suave, James Mason-esque psycho spook, there's really nothing about him that convinces me that he's the unhinged whack-job that everyone claims he is. We've seen a few of his victims, but I think we need to get more a definitive "screw-loose" vibe from him if we're expected to involve ourselves in Michael's (Jeffrey Donovan) attempts to "get in good" with him. And by "getting in good" we mean that Michael has to convince Gilroy that he's a cold-blooded killer too.

The problem with this is that Michael's done this kind of con before. Yes, it was usually a quick thing done for episode missions, but now it's the same thing, just stretched out over more episodes. And Gilroy's "plan" is coming together just as quick as Carla's (Tricia Helfer) old plan did. Piece by piece. With a little baby-step discovery being made each episode. With this sort of drag I expect a big payoff - like Gilroy trying to blow up an airport or something. It needs to be big.

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