Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "Rabbot Redux" Review Season 7, Episode 2

Wait, that was it?! Rabbot was only there for a cameo appearance? What the hell man, this show needs more Rabbot. I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more Rabbot.

But besides that, this episode wasn't all that bad. Master Shake is belligerent, as usual, and yet strangely creative, as usual. His innovative method for unloading the truck is awesome. Also awesome is the fact that the classic "Dancing is forbidden" line (a reference to episode one and the hook for the old theme song) makes a return, a warning which goes unheeded by Meatwad, as usual.

The house the guys move into is actually an upgrade from their old digs, though that's not saying much. The place actually has a decent bathroom, which Shake turns into his bedroom. The episode takes toilet humor to a whole new level, with Shake flushing Meatwad down the toilet, confusing it for an inter-dimensional portal, after thinking it was a spa initially. It's all, very, very gross, but amusing nonetheless.

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