Mad Men Season 3, Episode 11: "The Gypsy and the Hobo" - Review

Don Draper has very deftly created the life he lives, but in some respects, it's all been a house of cards. And in this episode, those cards finally collapse, as his deepest, darkest secret is found out by the person closest to him.

In my review of the last episode, I pondered how much Betty really knew after finding Don's box of photos and mementos. Yes, all the information was there that Don had once gone by a different name, but was Betty so distracted seeing proof that "Don Draper" was once married before that she hadn't really processed anything else?

As it turned out, the answer was no. The early scenes of this episode were filled with tension, as Betty pushed and prodded Don, asking him about money - when she knew he had thousands of dollars in cash inside his desk. I figured it would be awhile before Betty would finally say anything to Don - who knows, it could have even been saved for another season. But it certainly was exciting when instead she just came out and told Don she knew everything before the episode even ended.

What an amazing sequence. Jon Hamm was terrific showing Don shocked and defeated in a way we'd never seen - the simple act of dropping his hand down, holding onto the now meaningless desk key, was filled with meaning, while Hamm's face showed just how huge an impact Betty learning his secret had on him, after he'd spent so much time pretending. And in the midst of this was the extra tension added to the scene by our knowledge that Suzanne was sitting outside in Don's car, waiting for him to come back outside for a weekend getaway. Would she come knocking at the door, right in the middle of this incredible intense scenario - and potentially sending Betty into a state that was frankly a bit scary to comprehend? It didn't come to be, but it didn't need to, as it still added another layer to what was going on inside that house with Don and Betty.

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