America's Next Top Model Season 13, Episode 10: "Dive Deeper" - Recap

The models were shipped to Hawaii last week when their house was condemned by Tyra. Brittany was sent home, making her stay in paradise ridiculously short lived, and her future as America's Next Top Model caput. Who will be cut this week when the competition is narrowed down to four girls? Read on to find out.

The episode starts off with the girls in their new Hawaiian home. Jennifer can't believe she's made it this far, and frankly, neither can I. In fact, if she wins this cycle, I may stop watching Top Model forever. Just sayin'.

Sundai says if she makes it to the top four, she'll tell the girls about her life growing up in a foster home. She says we'll all need tissues

The Tyra mail this week leads the girls to the beach. Marissa Miller, Victoria Secret model extraordinaire, cruises up on a rowboat. She tells the girl's she only 5'8". Only 5'8... Poor Sundai - she's only 5'2" and I'm pretty sure she's upping that a bit!

Marissa instructs the girls on how to pose in swimwear and makes them swim in the ocean and roll in the sand. She has them pose in the beach shower, in what looks like a Maxim spread. This seems like the complete opposite of most Top Model episodes, as I distinctly remember Tyra criticizing past models for being too sexy, pin-up, or porn star-ish.

Nigel appears and presents the challenge. The girls will be jumping off a cliff into the water. They are flabbergasted, and I am too. They don't look like a very coordinated bunch, judging from the aerial photo shoot, so this could get ugly. They'll only have one chance to jump and get the perfect shot.

Laura goes first and strikes an interesting pose. Erin follows, and does well. Nicole takes Marissa's advice and tries to pose to the side. Nigel and Marissa snicker that she jumped the wrong way...Jennifer does fine also, but Sundai struggles and gets smacked around by the water.

Surprisingly, the winner is Nicole. She receives a chocolate pearl necklace worth $5,000 and more frames on her next photo shoot for herself, Sundai, Laura, and Jennifer. Erin will be the only girl without extra frames. She is ridiculously bitter, and it becomes clear why nobody likes her.

The girls celebrate Laura's birthday with a huge bash. It's cute to see them getting along so well even though the competition is intense. Nicole goes off to bed early though, so she can be prepared for the shoot.

The girls are off to sea for this shoot. They are working with Russell James, who will be shooting them under water. They will have a regulator to breathe, and can come back up for critique with a chance to fix their mistakes. Erin, however, will not have that opportunity.

Laura panics at first, but gets it together, and poses beautifully under water. Nicole looks great too. I can't even believe this girl is under water - she's smiling. Jennifer does a decent job. Sundai struggles and can't hold her breath for very long. Jay tells her it's all mental, and she does a somewhat better job the second time around. Erin shoots only on the surface, and Russell is pretty ticked at her. Then, she has her weekly nervous breakdown. I really hope she gets sent home this week!

At judging, Sundai's shot makes her look like she's "only" 5'8" also. Her legs look so long, but her face gets lost. Laura's pose is great, but her face is also lost. Nigel raves about Jennifer's shot, but I don't see the greatness. Nicole's shot is different. It looks like she's dancing. It's a little weird, but the judges like it. Erin's shot looks like a test shot. She's half way above the water and her face is unrecognizable.

Jennifer gets best picture, and I am one week closer to swearing off this show forever. The bottom two comes down to Sundai and Erin. Tyra sends Sundai home, so I guess we won't get to hear her story.

I do not agree with the decision to keep Erin. Her personality will most certainly cost her a lot of opportunities. She cries and freaks out in every episode. What do you think about Sundai's dismissal?

In the previews, we learn that two girls will go home at the next judging. What are your predictions?

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