5 Best Moments from Part 2 of the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion

For maybe the last time, this batch of Real Housewives of New Jersey reunited and yelled at each other. Nobody really won, but things sort of concluded. Here are the five best moments from the second part of the reunion special.

1. The cat fight that resulted in Danielle outing herself. The Housewives called Danielle a stalker, for whatever reason, then Teresa resorted to childish mimicry (which is my ultimate most hated thing--I would have slapped her). Jacqueline accused Danielle of sleeping with married men, which causes Danielle to leave the couches. Backstage, in a huff, Danielle says, "you know what? Lori can tell you I definitely don't sleep with men." She'd probably deny it later, though.

2. Andy Cohen lays down the law. "Just calm down for a second, seriously! Just stay on the couch, and Jacqueline that goes for you, too." I was proud of Andy Cohen, who sort of lost control of the reunion in part 1. Way to keep those women on their couches, Andy! I also enjoyed when Andy tried pulling the weave out of the mannequin head.

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