Reaper's Back Early, 90210 Moves Later, and More From the CW

The CW revised its midseason schedule just a bit today, bringing Reaper back early while putting it directly in the path of American Idol. Meanwhile, Privileged has a finale date. The big stuff:

* Reaper will be back a couple of weeks earlier than originally planned, with a new premiere date of March 3. It's also switching times, moving to 8 p.m., which is noteworthy because it will put it directly up against That Which Cannot Be Defeated, American Idol.

* The other part of that announcement is that 90210 will move to 9 p.m. starting March 3. It makes more sense there, I think. That also means it will be protected from Idol, which might give it a better chance at good ratings and renewal for next season.

* Meanwhile, the finale of Privileged will air Feb. 24. That seems so soon!

* All 13 episodes of Reaper will air in a row, ending May 26.

* 90210 will basically take the month of March off. It'll be in repeats starting Feb. 17, but it will be back March 31 with eight new episodes in a row. The first-season finale is set for May 19.

What do you all make of the moves? Is there more good news or bad news for Reaper? And can you believe we only have a few weeks left of Privileged?

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Default avatar cat
Feb 4, 2009 11:40PM EST

I love reaper, i think that it coming back early is erm... good, but if you put it against a show like american idol while its pretty much done (Not speaking for myself im speaking for the ratings) I hope it does well enough to at VERY LEAST! go out with style, not just go because it has to go. As much as i dont want them on the same time i want to see just how good reaper can do if its faced with a show like american idol, it will be interesting to see if it actually can pull it off at least enough to show its not completely insuperior or unimportant to people. So with all that ive said i'll be off, i just hope reaper can pull through, its one of the only fricking shows i have left to enjoy...Especially now that Supernatural is losing it...(Reaper Has My View! Hopefully Others Too!)

Default avatar cat
Feb 5, 2009 9:13PM EST

Curse this world!
Now I'll have to deal with the death of Daisies, probably T:tSCC, maybe Chuck, and now probably Reaper?
What will I have left to watch? Supernatural's only got one season left in it and House is getting tired...
looks like Dexter will be all I have.
I'm gonna stop moping now. But it sucks how little sway fans have, especially this year.

Default avatar cat
Feb 21, 2009 7:10PM EST

this worries me.... what if they decide to cut it later on because it doesn't reach ratings they can't possible hit w/ American Idol just a channel flip away?

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