House Season 6, Episode 5: "Brave Heart" - Recap

This week on House, the team takes on the case of a police detective who is convinced he is going to die of heart failure by age 40, Chase can't stop thinking about Dibala, and House hears mysterious whisperings that lead him to believe he's regressing.

Over the Hill... and Ready to Die

This week's episode of House begins with an intense police chase on foot with a suspect who can run and tumble like a Spider-Man stunt double. The chase ends up on a building's rooftop, where the suspect leaps from one roof to another. A police detective, Donny, tries to make the jump, but falls short and falls 30 feet. Ouch.

Donny is somehow still alive when he's admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro, and we learn that he's a reckless cop who thinks he's going to die regardless of what he does. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather all died by age 40 from heart failure, and he turns the big 4-0 in a week.

Foreman has the team run tests to see if they can find anything genetic, but nothing shows up. A new element is added to the mix when Donny's ex-girlfriend, Cheryl, shows up and says Donny has a 10-year-old son, Michael, that Donny's not aware of. She's desperate to know what her son may have inherited.

Cameron convinces Cheryl to tell Donny about his son just in case it's his last chance to meet him, but Donny is not very friendly when he meets the young boy. He tells Michael it hurts more to see your dad die.

House is convinced nothing is wrong with Donny and takes Chase with him to make up a fake disease and treatment (mints posing as pills) for this man who is convinced he's dying.

Foreman shows up late that night at Wilson's place to tell House the bad news: Donny collapsed four hours after he was discharged and pronounced dead.

House Hears Voices

House isn't too keen on the fact that Wilson still has him sleeping on the couch, so when Wilson catches House masturbating under the covers (or, as House says, picking the lint out of his belly button), Wilson agrees to let House stay in the bedroom that serves as a shrine to Wilson's dead girlfriend, Amber.

House tries to sleep in the bedroom, surrounded by pictures of Amber, but begins to hear inaudible whispers. It begins to bother House so much that he gets his ears tested at the hospital to come up with a logical explanation for the voices.

He starts to believe he is relapsing and tells Cuddy - who has him doing teaching rounds at the hospital in order to re-obtain his license - that he isn't ready to practice medicine yet.

That night, House hears the voices again and this time he tries to pinpoint them. He finds a vent and realizes the sound is coming from Wilson's room. He quietly walks over and opens Wilson's door only to find his best friend is carrying a conversation with his dead girlfriend.

The next morning he tells Wilson he's hearing voices and that it must be in his head. House continues the lie, saying he's checking himself into Mayfield, and Wilson plays along and says he'll drive. But Wilson knows that House knows that he talks to his dead girlfriend, so he comes clean. Sometimes, Wilson says, I'd rather talk to her than you.

House tells Cuddy he's back on board, and the two have a sexually charged exchange that makes it seems like old times.

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