RAISING HOPE ''Dream Hoarders'' Review Episode 3

Here baby, baby, baby! A now crawling Hope gets trapped in Virginia's shed o' clutter, leading to some reluctant family lifestyle changes in the Dream Hoarders episode of RAISING HOPE.

This is a flat-out hilarious episode. From Burt's boat names (Cirrhosis of the River may have won, but I think Ship Happens is the best) to Virginia peeing in a sink because she couldn`t work the baby-proofed toilet, I can`t stop laughing. Oh, and I now totally want a chair shaped like a high-heeled shoe.

I have no idea how Jimmy survived his childhood. I love that in addition to the initial flashbacks with Jimmy pouring water on wires and playing with matches, the lottery dream snippets also have him with a bandage on his head and a broken arm. Burt and Virginia obviously care, but they're just so hapless. I love Burt looking for Hope in the sky because a hawk might have taken her, and Martha Plimpton does an amazing job of making her voice taper off in Crawl over the big aquarium, under the little aquarium and keep going until you're old enough to know what I'm talking about. We're screwed. So funny.

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