One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 6: "Deep Ocean Vast Sea" - Recap

I don't know about all of you, but I'm certainly ready to find who really knocked up Renee. As James Lafferty told me last week, the storyline is going to wrap up soon, but apparently not this week. So keep reading to find out what did happen in the new episode of One Tree Hill.

Haley calls Nathan out for having Renee's digits in his phone records, but Nate reminds her that he's an NBA player and people get a hold of his personal info. Exacerbating the situation, Nathan loses his body spray campaign, leading Haley to rethink her decision not to pay off Renee. Nathan is wholly against it and more and more afraid that his wife doesn't believe him.

Brooke and Julian had a bit of a tiff this week when Julian's business relationship with Alex becomes a complete buzzkill for Brooke. To get even, Brooke calls on her ex-boyfriend, Chase, to do a little fit modeling for her, and just as she happens to be measuring his um, nether regions, Julian swings by. Her plan works in making Julian jealous, but when Chase tells Brooke that Alex reminds him a bit of high school Brooke, she puts the kibosh on Alex and Julian working together. Brooke tells Alex that she'd never let the high school version of herself near the man she loves and also yells at Julian for not mentioning the fact that "ho-bag" threw herself at him a few weeks ago. "You, couch," she says to Julian. "You, fired," she yells at Alex. Guess that girl is gone for good.

Mouth and Millicent both have some work struggles. When Mouth finds out that Nathan is losing his endorsement deals, he goes to talk to him. Nate tells him he should report on it, so Mouth returns to work, ready to do so. But when the camera rolls, Mouth goes into a whole spiel about how the news is only perpetuating gossip that hasn't been proven. Millicent, meanwhile, isn't so sure she's up for the task of being the new face of Clothes Over Bros and certainly is bummed out that Brooke has replaced her so that she can go off and do whatever models do. But it seems this new gig is leading Millie down a bad path when she steals some pills from Alex and downs one in the middle of the night.

Although Clay and Quinn seem to be building a bond, a lady from his past shows up to bring their momentum to a halt. We don't quite find out who she is, but it looks like her character will come into play in the upcoming episodes.

After calling Renee, who ups her price to $250,000, Haley decides to stick with the original plan to not pay her off. The damage is done, and no money or retraction will change that. So what does Renee do? Plan B: Dan's show. Rachel explains to Renee that Dan tried to reach out to help his son, but Dan was shot down and now wants to bury him as revenge. "The deeper he buries him, the more money they'll have to pay you," Rachel says. So Renee takes the deal.

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