V Episode 3 Recap: "A Bright New Day"

Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 diplomatic visas are issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the first. But not everyone agrees with the decision. Meanwhile Erica has started tracking a death threat while paired with a V officer, and Ryan starts reaching out to his old friends to build up opposition to the Vs.

Let us begin...

8 minutes in...

Anna has receives her passport as Chad Decker does his reporting duties outside the Peace Ambassador Center. He still seems to be torn about what he's done as far as helping the V's out, but hey, he's got a great gig right? Anna then walks out and shows off her new papers to the crowd and cameras before shooting Chad a look that basically says, "nah-nah-nah-nah-boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo."

Father Jack, meanwhile, starts to feel more and more like doo-doo as confession after questioning confession seems to further challenge his faith. Oh how he'd love to tell them the truth about the Vs. These are indeed tough days.

Looking for comfort in the only other person who knows what he knows, Father Jack stops over at Erica's place wondering how he can help. He also wonders why the Vs didn't just come down and obliterate humanity instead of pretending to be friends. They certainly have the technology to destroy us (despite the crappiness of their flying cameras). Erica tells him that the aliens obviously want the humans for something. (Those who saw the original know what that something is. I won't spoil it for those who don't.)

Suddenly, Erica gets a call from her office saying she needs to go investigate and, get this, even PROTECT a V whose life was threatened. Now we're getting somewhere. The scene ends with Father Jack saying he would like to stay and sift through the information Erica has been examining to try to figure out who was at the resistance meeting she and Father Jack attended at the warehouse. She says fine, but there's something I don't like about the look Father Jack gives her. Am I thinking too much into this?

Anyway, we catch up with Ryan who, like a good fiancé, is walking his ladylove to work. He's still fighting over the decision about what to tell her or not tell her, and decides not to tell her anything. At least for now. Georgie pulls up in his car and Ryan gets in. They discuss starting up the resistance and whatnot. Then Ryan says a man by the name of John May can help them. And that he's not a myth. He also mentions that they have to get the Fifth Column back together - whatever that means.

Back on the mother ship, Dale talks to some technician about his little incident at the warehouse. Through their dialogue we find out that Dale has been a sleeper V for more than 20 years. Wow! That's what...5 weeks of vacation a year now? Well, good old Dale doesn't seem to remember what happened or who he is, but thank goodness the humans don't know V anatomy because he'd be a goner if they'd realized where his heart is located (apparently not in his chest). Long story short, it seems the whole getting-stabbed-in-the-chest-and-left-with-a-giant-hole-in-the-side-of-his-head-and-left-for-dead thing doesn't sit well with Dale. I know I'd be ticked.

18 minutes in...

Anna watches a protesting widow by the name of Mary Faulkner on the television talking bad about the Vs. Anna fears that this woman is becoming the face of the resistance and she wants to know everything about her. Wonder what the Vs will dig up - probably something good. They can always check with TMZ.

Everything is ruined when Tyler has a little scene. His buddy tells him that it sucks that he still gets to go in the ambassador building and Tyler doesn't because of the whole punching-the-protestor incident. Tyler tells him it's his fault and he'll figure some way to get back in. Then he drives off on his motorcycle with his bad hair as Lisa looks on.

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