Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' episode 12

Rupert: 'There are no other heroes.'

Oh Rupert, I still love you, but after this season concludes you need shave the beard and create a new persona. The one has grown tired. The lovable pirate who always puts integrity ahead of winning has served you very well and you will always be one of the most popular Survivors ever. But it's time for a change. Listen, to be fair I know I could take the same advice myself. Get me a new haircut, a different colored shirt and maybe some new dialogue, cause I'm sure the same argument could be made for me. The Probst act has grown tired.

But, I'm the one writing the blog so that means I'm going to continue to focus my attention outward on everyone else and leaving the inward thinking for my therapy sessions.

There were a few themes this episode. Morality, hypocrisy and exhaustion. All three of them in full force.

It started with Rupert and Colby's character assassination of Candice.

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