Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 21 - Separation Anxiety

Joey and Dawson deal with their respective break-ups by choosing not to deal with them. They are, however, forced into action when Gale tells Dawson that Gretchen is leaving town. Mr. Kubelik from Worthington asks Joey to bring Pacey with her to a party for incoming freshman, saying he has a proposition for him, giving Joey hope that things may work out with Pacey after all.

While Joey invites Pacey to the Worthington party and they admit that they miss each other, Dawson takes his mother's advice and asks Gretchen to sign his yearbook.

Jen realizes that her grandmother is selling her house and moving into a retirement community to pay for her to go to college. Once she sees the place that Grams is moving to, she announces that she's not going to Boston and Grams is not selling the house.

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