30 Rock' Season 4, Episode 20 Recap: A mother knows

In the midst of planning a special Mother's Day episode (thank you NBC for re-airing Bitch Hunter, more Will Ferrell for us!) the moms of the TGS cast and crew showed up and taught us a great deal about our friends: Danny is adopted, Liz could have been Buzz Aldrin's son, and Tracy has no idea what his mom looks like, aside from the fact she wore red in 1984. While moms have a way of protecting us from these family secrets, they can always tell when we're hiding something of our own. With her motherly instincts in full gear, it only took Colleen Donaghy two seconds to realize her Jackie was sleeping with Avery the altar boy (she already knew about Nancy, thanks to her spy at Our Lady of Reluctant Integration). And with that, behold the power of the moms. Since Mother's Day is only a few days away, I'm going to go try on my 'Emily's Mom's Daughter' denim jumpsuit, but here are the night's 10 best lines:

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