Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 23 - Coda

As Dawson, Joey, Jack & Jen spend time lounging in the sun, Pacey is finding himself in the Caribbean. He contemplates calling Joey, but decides against it.

Tensions between Mitch and Dawson escalate over a computer purchase (Dawson wants a Mac, but Mitch stubbornly buys a PC), while Grams assures Jen that she is okay with the move. They make a date for tea later in the evening.

Dawson & Mitch arrive home, and Mitch freaks out about Dawson's decision to spend his last evening with his friends. Mitch wants him to stay for dinner, but he refuses and leaves with Joey for a final night at the movies with his three friends.

Jack pins down Dawson over his feelings of leaving Joey and he admits that it's bothering him more than he would like to admit. Meanwhile, Jen tells Joey that she can tell that she doesn't want Dawson to leave. She says that he would stay if she asked him to. The guys walk up and they head into the movie.

Mitch and Gale discuss Mitch's behavior and she says that some people would rather pick a fight than tell someone how upset they are about change. He ponders on it.

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