Mad Men: Season 3 Review

Mad Men entered Season 3 with some notable changes for the characters. Season 2 had ended with Sterling Cooper being sold to a British company -- Putnam, Powell and Lowe -- and immediately we began to see how this was affecting the office. This was personified by Lane Pryce (Jared Harris, giving another great performance, after playing creepy so well on Fringe), a PPL manager sent to oversee Sterling Cooper and make things as cost effective as possible - including plenty of layoffs and a rather cruel tactic that had Pete and Ken both promoted into the same position, in what was clearly a bid to have them compete against one another to see who was left standing.

While Duck had found himself pushed out, after being the one to initiate the PPL/Sterling Cooper deal, he returned in Season 3, now working for a competitor and trying very hard to poach Pete and Peggy from Sterling Cooper. As Peggy mulled over this offer, she also continued to attempt to find herself, making some bold and un-Peggy like moves when it came to her social life.

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