The Blind Side - Review

Every so often, American pop culture coughs up a family that's too good to be true and, of course, it's that very too-goodness that makes them irresistible to audiences (or is supposed to, at any rate). In the '70s, we had the wholesome double whammy of the Waltons and the Bradys, and in the '90s the compulsively charitable clan of 7th Heaven. More recently, the Duggars on 18 Kids and Counting have nudged that squeaky-clean homespun virtue into the reality TV era. According to The Blind Side, you can now add another family to the list: the Tuohys. That would be blond, tart-tongued, and down-home saintly Leigh Anne, played by Sandra Bullock, trying a middle-American-mom role on for size (and finding the fit comfortably snug); her husband, Sean, played by country superstar Tim McGraw as a benign domestic yes-man who is never more happy than when he's kowtowing to his wife; and their picture-perfect neo-'50s kids, beautiful teen achiever Collins (Lily Collins) and toothy scamp SJ (Jae Head). A glowing, prosperous bunch who live in one of the tonier sections of Memphis (Leigh Anne wears a six-studded diamond crucifix that looks like it must be worth $100,000), the Tuohys are all about sweetness and light, along with a spoonful of sass to help the sugar go down.

The day before Thanksgiving, they're driving along in their oversize car when they spot one of Collins' classmates at the Christian Wingate School. His name is Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), and he's 17, doughy and tall, and appears every inch the lost, lonely, and homeless young fellow he is. Leigh Anne, as impulsive as she is good, doesn't waste a moment before asking him over to the Tuohy home, where they put him up for the night. He stays for Thanksgiving, when they all clasp hands to say grace, and before long he's been invited to live with the Tuohys and become part of their family. He trades in his worn gray clothes for a series of colorful striped rugby shirts, which is how we know that his mood is brightening.

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