Cougar Town': They're just drinking in the park now - Episode 22

On this week's Cougar Town, titled 'Feel a Whole Lot Better,' Andy gifted former corporate attorney/now stay-at-Jules' home mom Ellie with a nanny for their son Stan. No way, they have a son? This was a HUGE relief for Ellie, even though sometimes we don't even see him. I always find myself struggling to remember if those two really have a child and then chalking that confusion up to the booze I need to get me through this show. Anyway, Laurie tortured Ellie for pretending to suddenly have a job as Commissioner of Red Wine for the Cougar Town Parks Department, but later Laurie confessed to Ellie that Ellie is her hero. Take a longer look at photo to your right and this should come as no surprise. When Laurie has a baby, she will have a whole team just to wear the uniforms she has designed. (If they're anything like the AMAZING red and blue print dress she was wearing with that giant gold bird necklace, sign me up to buy all of them.)

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