Covert Affairs: "Pilot" Review

Advance Review: In USA Network's newest original series, Covert Affairs, Piper Perabo plays Annie Walker, a fresh-faced CIA recruit who is suspiciously fast-tracked to full agent after only a few days of training. Annie believes her knowledge, good looks, high test scores and mastery of 6 languages got her the gig. Of course, when it comes to the CIA, nothing is what it seems. During the episode, we find out more about why her bosses are so interested in Annie, and what that means for her future. The series has promise, but it's still missing a few key elements that make USA's other original shows so appealing.

Covert Affairs has all the DNA of a USA Network original program. It's a one-hour action show centered around a particularly stressful line of work, and there's the requisite supporting cast made up of family and co-workers. And fitting the mold of other USA shows, each episode concerns a specific case or mission, while a season-long arc runs concurrently.

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