Personalities Emerge on 'Top Chef DC'

Despite how many chefs are left, some personalities are starting to develop. Spoiler alert: these chefs are not all sweethearts. Kenny is pissed because this is Top Chef, not Top Angelo. Speaking of Top Chef spin-offs, Gail is going to host Top Chef: Just Desserts (and some guy named Johnny who talks too fast will be the judge)! Are you excited? I am, I watch every single cake show I can get my hands on on the Food Network.

So the Quickfire Challenge is a dessert (pie) challenge. Some people feel more confident in this challenge than others. Angelo, perhaps over-confidently, makes a curried yam pie (what? gross). This week we're getting to know Arnold and Alex better and I knew I would like Arnold and dislike Alex. Alex looks like a villain from a childrens' movie.

This challenge was largely a disaster, since most of the chefs tried to find their way out of making a dessert pie and/or did not taste their dish. Kenny wins the challenge and re-establishes his rivalry with Angelo.

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