'Community' Episode 24 - 'English as a Second Language' Recap

This one was a game-changer. Not in the way that an episode of 'Lost' can twist and turn, but for the continuity of 'Community,' we got a bombshell revelation this season. And yet, it shouldn't really come as a surprise. Sure, the show is about satire and exaggeration, but are we really supposed to believe--

But we'll get to all of that later. Next week is the season finale of 'Community,' and yet this week was final exams on campus. So what's left to cover? And how will the group stay together now that their journey in Spanish is through? Will they continue into Spanish 103, or move onto something new? Perhaps just agree to stay friends ... because that always works.

These questions were at the heart of the episode, as Annie was in a panic that the group would drift apart. If they didn't have a class to unite them, would they still be friends?

In a small and apparently unconnected side plot, it was 'Good Troy Hunting' with a clever twist on the Matt Damon film. Troy was discovered by a plumber as having a gift with pipes, but he didn't believe that was in the cards for him. Instead, he was here in college because he wanted to use his brain. Abed got in on the action a little bit, but it mainly served as some light amusement.

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