'Fringe' Season 2, Episode 22 - 'Over There, Part One' Recap

I continue to sing the praises of 'Fringe,' because the show just keeps getting better and better. Now that we're actually in the alternate universe, there was a high risk of things getting really hokey, but that didn't happen. This episode was fun, tense, creative, and mind-bending, and I just want more of it. In fact, they could easily spin off an entire new series based on the alternate universe. But let's not muck up the formula. Let's keep 'Fringe' exactly as it is.

I plan on watching this episode again before next week's part two, because I know there's probably a lot of things I missed. Like, what was the tattoo that alt-Olivia had on her neck? Perhaps a Fringe Division tat, or something more involved? And I couldn't help but notice the resemblance of alt-Olivia's guy, Frank Stanton (Philip Winchester) to John Scott (Mark Valley).

The alternate universe opened up a lot of new stuff for us: Charlie Francis is back; Agent Farnsworth gets to work her techie magic; "Colonel" Broyles is a take-charge military guy; Martin Luther King, Jr. is on the $20 bill; their Fringe division has been investigating natural disasters since the "zero event" in 1985 at Raden Lake (which alt-Olivia learned from the ZFT which Walternate wrote in 1995); and Olivia actually has a life outside of work. And, of course, there's some really cool stuff over there, like spacecrafts floating above the city and those Twin Towers. But degradation seems to be much more of an issue there, too.

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