Sex And The City 2 Poster Revealed

So, here we are then, Sex And The City 2. And firstly wow. We haven't seen this much airbrushing since, well, we just haven't seen this much airbrushing. And aren't there four women in this film? Are Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda hiding somewhere in those ginormous shades?

With Dubai having said no to SATC2's filming request this summer, a quick look at the pyramids reflected in Carrie's GIANT sunglasses (we know there's an 80s flashback but seriously) suggest a trip to Egypt could be on the cards instead, but once we stop being blinded by multiple light sources there's what would seem to be the show and films' real star, New York, lurking slightly embarrassed behind that vast sequinned 2.

Product placement is all present and correct (check out the way Chanel is spelled out on her clutch) and that dress is a mite more age-appropriate than most of the stuff we've seen Carrie wear over the course of the series and in the first film, but. But dear lord. Carrie On? Is farce about ageing people really the line Sex And The City 2 wants to take here? And what the hell kind of puns will they come up with for the others: Sam Old, Sam Old? Miranda Nother One?

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